We started our journey along the avenues of publication, giving priority and importance to English, in 1995 when one compulsory paper of general English carrying 100 marks was included for the first time by the National University of Bangladesh in their course and curriculum prescribed for Degree (Pass and Honours) students. In consideration of the existing vacuum of reading materials to meet the new requirement of the students concerned we made our debut, under the name and style of Gyangriha Prokashoni, with a small treatise, namely, Degree Compulsory Text & Guide dwelling on the relevant syllabus, which was purported and intended to serve both as a text book and as a help book. This humble work was avidly appreciated and followed as a hand-book by both the students and the teachers across the country and consequently gave a fillip to our pursuit of similar publications. Since then we steadily made headway without having to look back and continued to publish different series of our help books, known as Nobodoot series, gradually covering HSC and SSC levels with the result that the users concerned have widely appreciated and accepted our publications in the teaching-learning process of English, since by following them, expectedly and obviously, they are achieving their desired results in the public examinations as well as success in practical life.

We have constantly been conducting research and study in order to make our publications still better in newer editions by acting upon the prudent advice of the esteemed and experienced teachers who follow our books and are engaged in teaching, to keep the students abreast of the latest materials they are required to study and to enable them to learn the skills of writing and speaking standard English as well as to use the language efficiently in practical-life situations.

We extend our heart felt gratitude to all those esteemed persons including teachers and professors who always benefit us in a feed-back process by giving their valuable suggestions and co-operation to produce better and better editions of our publications.

In fine, we would like to mention that we always try to keep the prices of our books well within the purchasing capacity of the students of our country for whom they are meant.